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Board mods allow you to create your own custom board maps. You can build a unique environment from provided 3D assets, or import your own. Place and connect board nodes to allow players to move through this environment as they play.

Getting started

Requirements for board mods

Boards are required to contain the following:

  • A single Start space
  • No dead-ends
  • Every board space must have an outward connection to at least one other board space.

Boards should also have the following for the best experience:

  • A collider or prop with collision below all spaces and the paths between spaces.
    • Without this, the player may be positioned in unexpected ways as the board is being played as they have no way of knowing where the floor beneath them is.
  • At least one graveyard-type board space. This is where players respawn the killed.
    • Without a graveyard space, players will respawn at the start space.

Tips for creating great board mods

  • Create an interesting environment
  • Choose a matching lighting preset, or create your own custom lighting
  • Try to spread out the occurrence of the different board space types
    • Conversely, add some larger sections of the same board space type to make the board interesting
  • Add split paths to give choice to players
  • Try not to place props in the way of the camera
    • You can adjust the camera settings from the Board Settings object in the Hierarchy.
    • You can playtest the mod in the mod editor to make sure players can be seen as they move around the board.
  • Add a custom positions for the trophy chest
    • You can see where the trophy chest will appear when a board node is selected. If this spot is not suitable or overlaps a prop, you can add a custom position through the inspector for that board node.

How to play board mods

Subscribe to the board mod through either the ingame mod browser or the steam workshop. When creating a lobby, keep clicking through the map selection until you see the board mod. Starting the game will put you into a game on the custom board.


Q. Why are players floating after they die? Why does the eggplant bomb fall through the ground? Why don’t some items work properly?

A. You likely don’t have any solid ground with the WorldGround layer. This is the layer used by players and items to know what is solid below them. Any gameobjects used as the floor of your board should:

  • Have a collider
  • Be set to the WorldGround layer