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The weapon component is a gameplay component that can fire bullets that damage players. If you want a weapon that players can hold, use an Item Component that is set to the Weapon Item Type

Component Settings

Property Description
Fire Time The number of seconds between each firing of the weapon.
Damage Type How damage is dealt by the weapon.
Hit Scan The weapon fires discrete hitscan projectiles.
Damage Number of health points to remove from any hit players, per bullet.
Stun on Hit Should hitting a player with this weapon stun them.
Stun Duration (s) How long the stun should last for, in seconds.
Shot Count Number of bullets shot each time the weapon is fired.
Spread Number of bullets shot each time the weapon is fired. Can set the min and max horizontal and vertical spread, in degrees.
None All bullets come out exactly where the player aimed.
Random Bullets come out where the player aimed, plus some random aim offset.
Max Distance Maximum distance the bullets can travel in units.
Spawn Bullet Effect Should a tracer effect be played to visualise the bullets.
Bullet Color The color of the bullet tracer.
Spawn Trail Effect Should a longer lasting secondary tracer effect be used.
Start Color Color of the secondary tracer at the end closest to the origin of the shot.
End Color Color of the secondary tracer at the end furthest from the origin of the shot.
Trail Width The width of the secondary tracer effect.
Trail Length The length of the secondary tracer effect before it fades out, from the origin of the shot.
Beam The weapon fires a continuous hitscan beam. Shares most properties with Hit Scan weapons.
Beam Damage Cooldown Time between each tick of damage being applied to the target.
Area The weapon deals damage to all objects within an area.
Shape The shape to deal damage within.
Point Deal damage to anything that overlaps a point.
Sphere Deal damage to anything that overlaps a point.
Radius Radius of the damage sphere.
Fire Sound The audio clip that plays whenever the weapon fires. Can choose from None, Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper and Custom which allows any audio clip to be used.
On Hit A set of Actions to perform whenever the weapon is fired.

Example Usage

Attack players

The weapon component can be used to challenge players to move through an area without being shot. Combining a weapon component with a moving object via a Simple Animator Component or a Mover Component can make the weapon less predictable.

Combined with Logic Component

The Logic Component can be configured to perform Actions whenever it is shot by a weapon component. This would be used to make a minigame where players must somehow make a weapon component shoot a logic component, maybe by moving the gameobject holding the weapon, or by removing objects from between the weapon and logic component.