Board Space Event Component

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This custom board space prefab has a board space event component added to the root gameobject in the prefab hierarchy. This will fire when this prefab is used by a custom board space.

The board space event component is a gameplay component that allows a set of Actions to be performed whenever a player lands on a custom board space. It can only be added from within prefabs, as it is purpose is to add logic to Custom Board Spaces (which exist as prefabs). Subsequently, it is only available in Board Mods.

The player must finish their turn on the board space for the actions to run; walking over the space will not run the actions.

How to Use

This component should be placed on the root gameobject of a prefab that is used as a custom board space. When attached to any other gameobject, it will do nothing.

Add actions to the component by editing the On Enter Event in the inspector window.

Component Settings

Property Description
On Enter A set of Actions to perform whenever a player lands on this space.

Example Usage

To make unique custom board spaces, you can use this component to affect the player in many ways. See the list of actions to get an idea of what actions can be performed. Note that not all actions are usable on Board Mods.