Change Player Velocity Action

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An action to alter a player's velocity.

The action can set, add, subtract, multiply or divide a player's score. When dividing, the value will always be rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Does nothing if the target isn't a player. Can only be used in Minigame Mods.

Action Settings

The Change Player Velocity action. Here the player will be given an upwards boost.
Property Description
Speed The value to modify the player's velocity by.
Operation What should be done to the player's velocity. "Set" will apply the Speed value to the velocity. The other options will perform that mathematical function to the velocity.
Space What should the Direction Type and Operation be relative to. "World" is relative to the world's origin and axis directions. "Local" is relative to the player's current position and facing direction.
Direction Type Which direction or axis of the player's velocity should be affected by the Operation. Of note are Towards Source and Towards Receiver which will operate on the velocity in the direction between the player and the gameobject that is performing this action.


This action combines well with Trigger Components. By using a trigger to set the velocity, you can make a jump pad or boost pad that will send the player flying in a given direction.

Bouncing on spheres using Triggers with Set Player Velocity Actions

One fun use is to use the Towards Source option of Direction Type with a spherical trigger. Have it set the velocity to some value, around 12 works well, and it will repel the player, like a large bouncy ball. Combine this with a spherical prop with no collision to really sell the idea that the player is bouncing on something.