Inspector Window

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The inspector window showing a gameobject's components.

The Inspector Window is a primary window in the mod editor. It displays all configurable values for the mod's settings, selected gameobjects and selected assets.

Mod settings

Mod Settings can be adjusted from the inspector window while the mod settings object is selected in the hierarchy.

Gameobject components

When a Gameobject is selected, its name, layer, active state and components are shown in the inspector. Components will display in a vertical list, with each component's values being collapsible by clicking on the component header.

Beneath the list of components is the Add Component button, which allows new components to be added to the gameobject.

Asset import settings

When a custom asset is selected, its import settings and other data are shown in the inspector. See the pages for each custom asset type to view the editable values.

Actions and Shortcuts

The following actions are available in the Inspector Window.

Action Description
CTRL + Left click (On a slider input) Edit the slider value directly.
Right click (On a component header) Open the component context menu.