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The Scene View window. A gameobject is selected, showing the Transform gizmo and the object's outline.

The scene view is one of the primary windows in the Pummel Party Mod Editor. It provides a visual of the mod's scene, displaying visible Gameobjects in addition to gizmos that are only present while editing a mod.

Actions and Shortcuts

The following actions are available in the Scene View window.

Action Description
Right click (hold) + Mouse Movement Look around using the camera.
Right click (hold) + W/S, A/D, Q/E Move the camera forward/backward, left/right or down/up.
Arrow keys Move the camera forward/backward/left/right.
Scroll wheel Move the camera forward/backward.
SHIFT (hold) (while moving the camera) Move faster.
Middle click (hold) + Mouse Movement Pan the camera.
Left click
  • (On a gameobject) Select the gameobject.
  • (Not on a gameobject) Deselect all selected gameobjects.
CTRL + Left click multi-select gameobjects. Add/remove the clicked gameobject to the selection.
CTRL + D Duplicate the selected gameobjects.
DELETE Delete the selected gameobjects.
F Focus the camera on the selected gameobjects.