Spawn Keys Action

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A Spawn Keys action to spawn keys across three board spaces.

An action to spawn keys in a Board Mod.

This action can spawn keys from:

  • The player's current space (usually this board space but could be different if using some other actions such as a Move To Space Action before this action)
  • The space that triggered the event (this node)
  • or from one or several spaces provided using the Advanced target option.

The number of keys provided will be spawned at each of the given targets that are valid. i.e. The number of keys is not the total spawned, but the amount spawned per target.

To spawn keys at a space other than the one triggering the Action, use the Advanced target option. Provide one or many Board Space Component references in this list. Any references to components that aren't board spaces will be ignored.

The keys can be picked up by all players.