Wait Action

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An action that delays the execution of any actions below it.

Actions are played from top to bottom in the list of actions for an event. The Wait Action can be used to delay other actions so they don't all run at once. Any actions placed below the Wait action will only be executed once the number of seconds provided to the wait action has passed. This can let actions that take time to finish before performing follow-up actions. You can use multiple wait actions on a single event.


The Wait action with a duration of 4 seconds.
The Wait action with a random duration between 2 and 8 seconds.

The Wait action can take either a constant number of seconds or a range of seconds where a time to wait is chosen randomly from that range. When choosing randomly, it won't choose whole seconds. It could choose 5.23 seconds for example.

You can choose which mode to use by clicking the down arrow to the right of the inputs.