Damage Player Action

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An action to deal damage to players in a board mod. This action can target players on multiple board spaces by using the Advanced Targets option.

Should be used on a Board Space Event Component. Can only be used in Board Mods.

Action Settings

The damage player action in the Action Editor
Property Description
Targets What this action will affect.
This Player Target only the player who triggered the action.
This Board Space Target all players who are standing on this board space.
Advanced A list of board spaces. Targets all players who are standing on any of the listed board spaces.
Damage How much health to remove from the player.
Flinch Animation Play a flinch animation when the player is damaged. Only used if Ragdoll is disabled.
Drop Keys Makes the player drop three keys.
Ragdoll Should the player die and spawn a ragdoll when they take damage. If disabled, the player will remains standing on the board space.
Ragdoll Velocity How fast the ragdoll is moving when spawned. High numbers will make the ragdoll appear to explode up from the board space.
Blood Should blood effects be created.
Blood Velocity How fast the blood effects will fly out from the player.
Blood Amount How much blood should be created.
Play Sound Plays a damage sound.
Volume The volume of the damage sound.