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The Light component is a rendering component that provides light to the scene. This light will affect the shading of props and other objects in the scene.

Component Settings

The Light component in the Inspector Window. This example creates a wide, slightly yellow, spotlight.
Property Description
Type The shape of the light.
Point Like a light bulb, shines light out in all directions from a single point.
Spot Shaped like a spotlight, projecting light from a single point out in a cone shape.
Directional Similar to the sun, shines light from a given direction.
Color The color of the shading applied by the light source.
Point and Spot only
The distance the light source will effect objects.
Spot Angle
Spot only
The angle defining the spread of the spotlight from edge to edge.
Intensity The brightness of the light source.
Shadows Determines if this light source will cast shadows and whether they will have a soft or hard edge.
None Light does not produce shadows.
Hard Light produces shadows with hard, crisp edges.
Soft Light produces shadows with soft, blurred edges.

Example Usage

Let's say for example we have the following scene containing a prop of a campfire. In order to show the campfire is lit we might add a light source.

Light ex 01.jpg

Adding a light source to our scene

  1. Right-click on the campfire in the hierarchy window on the left side of the mod editor screen.
  2. In the context menu that opens move your mouse to 'Light'.
  3. Click on 'Point Light' from the options of lights.
  4. You should now have a light source under your campfire, click on the lights gizmo icon and move the light slightly up.
  5. While selecting the light game object, look in the inspector window on the right side of the mod editor.
  6. Find the 'Color' option and change it to orange.

We now have a light source under our campfire that makes it appear lit.

Light ex 02.jpg