Spawner Component

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The spawner component is a gameplay component that can spawn prefabs.

Component Settings

The Spawner component in the Inspector Window. This example will spawn one of three prefabs at one of two locations, and not spawn another until the first is destroyed.
Property Description
Type When should the spawner spawn something.
Always Spawn Spawns prefabs repeatedly.
Interval The time between each prefab being spawned by the spawner. Can be set as a constant or a random time between two values.
Spawn On Destruction Spawns a prefab once the last spawned prefab is destroyed.
Delay The Delay before the prefab is spawned when this spawner is destroyed. Can be set as a constant or a random time between two values.
Spawn Count How many prefabs should be spawned at once.
Prefabs A list of prefabs to spawn. The prefabs will be chosen randomly from this list.
Locations Defines where prefabs are spawned.
OnSpawner Spawns prefabs on the position of this gameobject.
OnTargets Spawns prefabs on the provided list of Spawn Points.
Spawn Points A list of transforms that will be used as spawn points for the prefabs.

Example Usage

Spawners can be used to continuously spawn items or collectables for points.

Using Spawn on Destruction can essentially "respawn" a prefab once it's destroyed. Using the random mode of the spawn delay can make this use case more interesting.

Note: Be careful when using a low interval value with Always Spawn. Many objects will be spawned in the same position and may cause the game to lag.