Box Collider Component

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The box collider component is a Physics Component that creates an invisible, solid, box-shaped volume.

Component Settings

The Box Collider component in the Inspector Window and Scene View.
Property Description
Center The center of the box volume.
Size The width, height and depth of the box volume in local space.

Example Usage

Level Boundaries

Box colliders are the perfect way to keep players within the bounds of the level. It is recommended to use a visible object instead of an invisible wall, but if you want to make sure players don't escape over the top of a visible wall, you can place a box collider that extends much higher than the visible wall's collider.

Invisible objects

You may want to create an invisible platform as a challenge in a minigame.

Smoothing out collision on a complex object

Here this bridge has had its collision disabled and replaced with three box colliders. This allows players to smoothly traverse the bridge. Without this, the player would bounce up and down on each plank of the bridge.

You may have an object in the scene with complex collision, or holes in the object that players should not enter. Use a box collider to cover these areas to improve and simplify collision.