Hierarchy Window

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The Hierarchy Window with some nested gameobjects and prefab instances.

The Hierarchy Window is one of the primary windows in the mod editor. This window displays the gameobject hierarchy that constructs the mod scene. All gameobjects placed in the scene can be found in this window.

Clicking on gameobjects in this window will select them in the Scene View and show their components in the Inspector Window.


Scene Hierarchy

Displays the complete scene hierarchy. This is the standard mode of the hierarchy window. At the top of the hierarchy in yellow is the Mod Settings object. This is a special object containing settings for the current mod.

Editing prefabs

While editing prefabs, the hierarchy will only display the prefab root object and all objects within the prefab and children of the prefab root. All other gameobjects from the mod scene are hidden. A button at the top of the hierarchy can be pressed to exit prefab editing and return to the typical scene hierarchy.

Actions and Shortcuts

The following actions are available in the Hierarchy Window.

Action Description
Left click
  • (On a gameobject) Select the gameobject.
  • (Not on a gameobject) Deselect all selected gameobjects.
Right click Open the hierarchy context menu.
SHIFT + click multi-select gameobjects. Selects all gameobjects between this and the last gameobject clicked.
CTRL + click multi-select gameobjects. Add/remove the clicked gameobject to the selection.
CTRL + D Duplicate the selected gameobjects.
F2 Rename the selected gameobject.
DELETE Delete the selected gameobjects.