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The logic component is a gameplay component that runs a series of actions for different events.

Component Settings

The Logic Component in the Inspector Window. You can add multiple events to a single logic component.
Property Description
Event The event that triggers a list of Actions.
Start Triggered at the start of a minigame, as the countdown begins.
Enable Triggered each time this gameobject is enabled. This includes:
  • being enabled automatically when the object is created as part of the scene as soon as the minigame loads (while still on the minigame load/intro screen)
  • each time this gameobject is enabled by a Set Active Action if it was previously disabled.
Update Triggered every frame. Not consistent between players due to varying framerates. For consistent timed actions use the Timer event instead.
Hit Triggered when the object this component is attached to is hit by the player or weapons.
Weapon Hit Triggered when the object this component is attached to is hit by a weapon.
Weapon Type The type(s) of weapon hit that will cause the actions to be triggered.
Timer Triggered every x seconds.
Interval The number of seconds between the event firing. Use the Arrow beside the Interval value to set the mode.
Constant Actions are triggered repeatedly after a set number of seconds.
Random Between Two Values Actions are triggered repeatedly after a random amount of time. The minimum and maximum amount of time between each firing of the event can be set.
Actions The list of actions to run for the given Event.

Example Usage

Start can be useful to make something happen when the minigame begins.

Timer with a random Interval can be used to add random effects to make the minigame more exciting. Use the arrow beside the value to change between constant and random values.