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A mesh asset is a 3D model that can be used by mesh renderers and props.

Custom meshes can be imported from an .obj file (see Importing Models). Imported Mesh Assets can be viewed in the Asset Browser in the Custom > Props folder.

To import a textured model, the mesh asset is imported separately from the Texture Asset. The texture is used with a Material Asset, and this material is placed onto the mesh. See the Texture Asset page for details on this process.

Import Settings

With the Mesh selected in the asset browser, the Inspector Window shows information about the mesh.

Property Description
Tris (read-only) The number of triangles in the mesh.
Verts (read-only) The number of vertices in the mesh. Should be below 65,535.
Recalculate Normals Use the normals stored in the model file or recalculate them on import. Tick this and click Apply to recalculate the normals on the mesh. Only required if the normals are incorrect and only needs to be done once.


  • Meshes should have no more than 65,535 vertices.
    • Any meshes larger than this are not guaranteed to work correctly. Larger meshes may appear visually correct, but they will not work correctly with Mesh Collider Components or a Prop's Mesh collision mode.

Known Issues

  • Meshes may be imported flipped on one axis.
    • As a temporary fix, you can use a free program such as Blender to flip the model across one axis.